When a bedroom in a historical home needs a refresh, sometimes the urge is to "modernize" it. Our take was different. We did our best to keep the warm, traditional feel of the room, and at the same time give it the stylistic and functional update it needed.


Crisp. Welcoming. Functional.
Everything a Zen Retreat should be.


We're in a busy, distracting, and unsettling word right now. So there's a greater and greater need for things and ways to liberate oneself from that situation. We think one of the best ways to do that is with physical space.

This Zen inspired bathroom and closet was designed for a client who desired serenity above all else.




Sometimes a girl just needs some fabulous bling in their life. This client did. And we did our best to deliver functional bling in an attractive package.


Modern Warmth


Bringing together apparently contradictory qualities is at the center of many beautiful things in life. So when this project came our way, requiring both natural warmth and clean lines, we were thrilled.


Bling n' Cream


It's a ladies' closet. Just a ladies' closet. Just a ladies' closet. Sometimes finding what you love is a simple process. For this client and her closet it was Bling + Cream