Most Popular New Closet Trends For 2018

Another year has come to a close and that means looking ahead to see what 2018 is going to bring! So if you're thinking about giving your old stuffy closet a re-vamp, here are some of our most popular and sought-after luxury closet trends that are going to make a huge splash in 2018!

  • Chandeliers

Having a beautiful chandelier in your walk-in is quickly becoming one of the trendiest additions to any luxury home. You can quickly turn a drab, boring closet into a fabulously beautiful space with just the right piece of lightning equipment. Whether you want to go full-glam with sparkles and pendants or conservatively sleek with clean lines, a chandelier adds something a little extra to the room to make it stand apart from the crowd.    

  • Light and Airy Colors

More and more, we see people moving away from darker, stately colors in favor of lighter and brighter options. White and other lighter colored built-ins have been racing to the top of the popularity lists and are predicted to be a top-seller for 2018. While darker hues such as mahogany and chocolate bring a sense of warmth to a room, lighter colors tend to brighten up the feel of a space and even create the illusion of a larger area. 




  • Mirrors

Mirrors have a growing presence in the closet. Floor to ceiling mirrors on walls and in-laid mirror on door fronts are among the most popular. Not only do they give a closet a finished look, but they can add a sense of glam and dazzle, bringing your closet up to the next level. Practicality never looked so good! 

Arctic Flat Panel Hamper-Satin Nickel Wire Basket-No Props-Jan 2014.jpg


  • Built-In Hampers

A hamper is a necessity for any closet, but having a big basket full of dirty clothes shoved in a corner isn't doing much for the luxuriousness of your space. That is why the built-in hamper has been one of the most sought after closet additions in recent months. With the hamper door, you have easy-access as well as the pleasure of not having to look at it day in and day out. 



  • Valet Rods

Another closet accessory that has been steadily growing in popularity is the valet rod: a super simple but life changing closet tool. The valet rod allows you to extend your hanging space temporarily; it's great for setting out garments for special occasions or as an extra hand when putting away your clothes.

valet rod picture.jpg

I hope this has been a help to all those out there who are thinking of giving their closets a make-over this year!