Bigger Doesn't Have To Be Better - Making a Small Bedroom Closet Functional and Beautiful

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Oftentimes I think we all resign ourselves to accept the cluttered, disorganized, and overstuffed look of our closets, especially in small spaces. I mean, there isn’t much to be done for a small closet, right? Not Quite. Whether you have a cramped walk-in or even a reach-in closet, these helpful tips and tricks can help not only maximize functionality, but create a beautifully organized space you can be proud of!

A first thing first, there is always more space than you think. Don’t forget you can extend all the way to the sides and to the ceiling; every inch counts! Adding shelves or clothing rods into recessed closet sides can really maximize your side spaces while extending drawers and shelves to the ceiling of your closet adds organization as well as space. Drawers are great for hiding away a good majority of clothes and small items, helping create an organized and clean look. 

closet hanng side.jpg

By moving and stacking short hanging to the sides of the closet, there is much more room for functional storage in the middle such as shelves and drawers.

Hint: Clothes take up much less room folded than when hanging.  

An important thing to keep in mind is that you can always fake having more space in your closet by keeping the floor clear and clutter free. Having a clean, bare closet floor will create the illusion of more space; sometimes less is more! 

Another great thing to remember is that hooks can be your best friend for all those small, pesky items that always seem to clutter around your closet. Keep belts, ties, and other accessories along the outside of a shelf, wall, or even on the door for great, easy to get to storage. Because items like these can hang flat, allowing them to store against a flat surface is the best way to free up more space in your small closet.  

If visibly hanging accessories really isn't for you, maybe baskets and boxes are your thing. They are perfect for storing things out of sight and can even be used to add style to your closet.  Using patterned or colored baskets and boxes can add a pop of color, allowing you to create a unique and beautiful look just for you. The possibilities are really endless on what kind look you can make. 

dark boxes.jpg

Here, the use of darker baskets helps create a more masculine look while providing a great space to hide smaller items. 

drawer dividers.jpg




Organization within the closet can even extend inside the drawers. Using dividers or spacers to separate things such as socks and undies will not only make it easier to find your stuff, but ensure that your closet stays beautifully organized inside and out. 

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Tip: Use cedar dividers in drawers for a great smell and protective barrier against wool-loving bugs. 



All in all, even a small closet can be a beautiful, well organized space if you keep your mind open and remember you can make the most out of any space with just a few handy tricks and ideas! 

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