The Kon-Mari Method

So I am sure you have heard mention of the KonMari Method before, whether here or elsewhere on the wide web, and you might be wondering what is the deal with this "special" method? Well, here at A Divine Closet, we love it so much we have decided to tell you all about it! 

So What IS KonMari?

KonMari is an abbreviation for Marie Kondo, a best-selling author and lifestyle expert. She is being heralded for her amazing new approaches to de-cluttering and organizing within the home. The method itself is more of a philosophy and is, perhaps, even a complete lifestyle change.

At the core of KonMari lives the most essential question: "does this make me happy?" Using this question as your basis, you can proceed to rid your home of things that do not bring you joy. It also means taking care of and acknowledging your belongings that do bring you happiness.  

KonMari In Your Closet.

From your closet to the kitchen, the KonMari method can be applied to all aspects of the home but one of our favorite places to employ this method is, of course, the closet. Marie Kondo would say that the first step to organizing your closet would be to say 'goodbye!' to all the pieces of clothing that do not spark joy in your life. And yes, that means taking EVERYTHING OUT and going through things piece by piece!  Then, once you have purged your wardrobe a bit, you can use her amazing folding methods (check out the video below) to get started with the closet organizing! 

So once you are a pro at the KonMari way of folding, it's time to get started with the rest of the closet! To get your closet re-organized the KonMari way, here a few "rules" to keep in mind when you are putting everything back: 

1. Store clothes in drawers vertically.                                                                                          2. Use drawers dividers to keep your drawer spaces neat.                                                          3. You should only hang clothes that look happier hung up. (Flowy shirts, dresses, etc.)              4. Take off all labels and stickers from your clothes.                                                                  5. Organize the closet so it rises to the right.                                                                            6. Store bags inside other bags.                                                                                                7. Use boxes and bins to store miscellaneous items.                                                                  8. Group like items together in one place. (Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc.)

If you keep these 8 things in mind while you find new homes for clothes, you will start to see your closet come together in the most beautifully organized way! 

Why We Love It.

We absolutely LOVE this technique for quite a few reasons. For starters, it looks great! Not only can you actually SEE all your clothing items easily, but everything looks neat and clean. By folding your clothes vertically in your drawers, whether they are pants, shirts or even socks, you won't have to dig through everything looking for one particular item. Everything is right there for you to see and reach! 

konmari example.jpg

Using the KonMari Method, it is easy to see and grab the exact item you are looking for. Also, the drawer organizers not only help to maximize space, but they keep everything neat and orderly. 

Another great reason to use the KonMari method is because you maximize closet space! Her technique of folding allows you to fit more items into a single space than before. When things are kept more efficiently, your closet looks un-cluttered and neat. 

One of the most important reasons why we love this method is because it isn't just a way of cleaning... it is a way of life. Once you fully embrace the method, you'll never need to clean your closet again because with KonMari, your closet will STAY clean. 

Where To Start.

So if you, like us, have fallen in love with KonMari and would like to try it for yourself, there are numerous places to start. 

A great place to begin is at the Marie Kondo website which has all the information you need about the philosophy and great resources such as checklists, videos, consultations and much more! 

Check out her website link here:

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If you like to read, you may want to look up some of her best-selling works such as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a complete guide to de-cluttering the home or Spark Joy, a more specified and illustrated manual dedicated to problems areas of the house. 




So if your closet is feeling a little too overwhelming or you always find yourself staring at a full wardrobe with nothing to wear, you might want to give our favorite de-cluttering method a try. Happy organizing!