Designer Secrets To A Fabulous (And Functional!) Closet

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We know closets can be difficult places to work with, that's why we have made a list of the best things to know and do with your storage space to make it beautiful AND functional! 

Image by Kristin Schneider at Organizers Direct 

Image by Kristin Schneider at Organizers Direct 

1. Use the whole closet.

Whether you have a large walk-in or small reach-in, the number one key is to make use out of all your space!! Is it a linen closet? Extend shelving from floor to ceiling! Bedroom closet? Use every nook and cranny! For example, moving hanging storage in a reach-in closet to the sides can really open up middle space for more storage solutions.

2. Think outside the box. 

Think outside the box and find creative storage solutions to maximize every inch of your closet so you can get the most use out of it. Don't be afraid to forgo traditional closet concepts and find a new way to do things! 

3. Know what you need. 

Everyone is different -maybe you have 30 pairs of shoes, tons of dresses, or love scarfs - whatever you have, know what you need the most room for! You don't want to design a closet with a ton of hanging space if you like to fold most of your shirts; or only leave room for a few pairs of shoes when you own over a dozen. Don't waste space on something your not going to get the most use out of.  

4. Make your most used items easily accessible. 

One of the most important factors to consider when designing or organizing your closet is to think about your favorite go-to clothing options! We all have those particular sets of clothes that we undoubtedly wear at least a couple times a month no matter how many other options we have. Your going to want those pieces easy to find and grab out of your closet. A great way to do this is by hanging your most frequently used items nearer the door while placing less used clothes farther into the space or room as noted by in their blog Things To Consider When Redoing a Bedroom Closet. 

5. Use appropriate spacing. 

No one wants an over-cluttered looking closet. One of the most common and unsightly mistakes is hanging clothes in a space that is too short to accommodate them. The best way to get around this is to have different lengths available for each of your hanging needs. If you have dresses, be sure to leave enough long hanging room so they don't end up wadded up and wrinkled at the bottom! 

Modern Reach-In Guest Closet.JPG

Tip: Measure your longest hanging clothes to give yourself an idea of how large of a space you will need.

Here, you can see how dresses are given a larger hanging space than shirts or pants. 


6. Rotate clothing.

Image from

Image from

No one really needs full access to all seasons clothing year round! Make more space in your closet by storing off-season clothing in stylish bins kept in hard to reach closet space (such as very high shelves) or even in a different area completely. These storage bins from and similar items can be great storage solutions for your un-used clothes. 




7. Use the Kon Mari Method. 

Marie Kondo, a Japanese best-selling author, has revolutionized the world of de-cluttering and organizing. The "Kon Mari" method is a wonderful way to transform and tidy your closet into something you can actually love! While this method can be applied to all areas of the home, the Kon Mari method of folding clothes is essential when talking about your closet space as it can reduce closet clutter and make clothes easier to find. 

Checkout how it works here:

Or watch a 'how-to' by Marie Kondo herself:



8. Don't forget to make it pretty.

At the end of the day, your closet needs to make YOU happy! Let your personality show through use of color and style. Boxes are great, not only for storage, but to add a pop of color and personality to any room. Do you want a rustic look? Use natural wood crates for a farmhouse feel, or buy colored and designed boxes to add a POP! of color to your space. If you have a large enough closet, even an area rug could be used to bring a little personality into the room. Don't forget to have fun with your space!

So hop off the computer and turn that closet into something you will love to look at every day! And as always, happy organizing! 


Pantry Party Time! - Creating a Beautifully Organized Pantry


I think it's safe to say that most people expect a pantry to have shelves, but have you ever thought about how it could be more?? For every person who has spent any time digging around your pantry desperately looking for that can you know you bought last weekthis post is for you. 

The pantry shouldn't be a place where your food goes to suffocate and spoil, it should be a beautifully organized display of your culinary riches. and with the right equipment it can be.

Photo by Alicia Barker via Organizer's Direct

Photo by Alicia Barker via Organizer's Direct





To keep cans and jars easily accessible and readily visible, try these wire pantry drawer organizers. Not only do they keep your green beans and spaghetti sauce within easy reach, you can even save some space! They even make then in different sizes so you can use them for wine bottles and even spices. 

Photo by Alicia Barker via Organizer's Direct

Photo by Alicia Barker via Organizer's Direct





By laying items down with an incline, it is easier to see and reach for things such as spices, or canned goods. 




Basket drawers are a great addition to any pantry as a home for fruits, vegetables, bread, or anything else you can think of that may need  a safe and protected space. The pull out capability of the baskets also adds a level of convenience that is nice to have.  


Keep fruit and fragile groceries from being crushed in cramped pantries with sliding baskets. Organized and safe. 

Just like with closet organization... don't be afraid to think out of the box. Hooks, cabinets, and vertical shelving can all add useful storage to a plain pantry. Free up drawer space by hanging aprons and storing pans in vertical shelving. Just get creative and find new ways for creating beautiful storage solutions. 

Still interested? Check out for more awesome ideas!

All Work And Some Play - Creating An Organized And Stylish Office Closet

Office organization has really become popular in the last decade. Walk into any store and you can find all sorts of fantastic (and even stylish!) organizers to help keep things well-sorted and productive at the desk. But what has really gone under the radar is home office closet storage. 

Sure the closet might be a great place to stuff that bulky filing cabinet or unsightly safe, but we here at A Divine Closet hate to see perfectly good closet space fail to meet it's potential. So today, we are going to highlight some ideas on how to make the most out of your home office closet while giving it a classy new look.



The first thing you can do to maximize the use of your office closet space is to add shelves -remember to extend to fill the entire height and width of the closet! (There can be some exceptions to accommodate large floor items such as the rolling storage units.) These shelves will serve as a landing station for all those binders, books and all manner of office supplies that tend to clutter up space around your desk and office. 

Tip: Use sorter towers and baskets to organize papers and other supplies such as pens, paperclips, notepads and etc. to keep things tidy and clutter-free

Once you have your shelves, it's time to fill them! When placing your office gear, try using matching or coordinating binders to help create a more cohesive and stylish look, tricking the eye into seeing the space as less cluttered and more organized. 


Ditch the bulky and unsightly filing cabinet for large boxes or baskets to give your closet a stylish edge. Here, you can see that a nice whicker basket can serve as perfect file storage -more portable than a basic cabinet so you can easily move a large quantity of work at one time, and easy enough to put out of sight. 


HINT: To create an even more stylish space, use baskets and boxes with patterns or colors to add life to a dreary, monotonous closet. 

If more traditional file storage is your thing, perhaps an upscale, built-in filing cabinet is for you. Not only does it keep everything tucked tidily away, but it provides a more traditional option for stylish storage. 

Picture by Alicia Barker via Organizers Direct

Picture by Alicia Barker via Organizers Direct

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to maximize a lack-luster office closet for more storage and organization as well as style. 


Jewelry, Jewelry Everywhere!! - Jewelry Organization To Keep You Sane And Looking Fabulous

Last week, we touched briefly on hanging jewelry in small closet spaces; this week, we are going to really dig-in to different jewelry storage options and what might be best for you. 

As a woman myself, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to keep track of all the different necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings (and etc.) that we seem to hoard like there is no tomorrow. So here are some great ways to organize all that jewelry, whether you have a lot of room to work with or a small space. 

Lets get started by saying there are three main jewelry storage types -table top, hanging, and in-drawer. Each of these has it's perks and drawbacks; which storage solution is best for you depends on how much jewelry you own, how much storage space you have, and ultimately what your own personal tastes are. 

These jewelry valet rods are cleverly stored on the side of this closet panel -neat and out of the way!

These jewelry valet rods are cleverly stored on the side of this closet panel -neat and out of the way!

For those  who have a small space to work with... let's say a small, reach-in closet, hanging your jewelry may be your best option. It displays your lovely array nicely and mostly flat against an unused space. This is great because it takes up essentially little room in your closet -you can fit it between shelf towers, on the back of a door, or even on the side of built-ins. It is also a fairly inexpensive option... All you really need is a thin, surface with hooks; something easily purchased or even made at home.  

The down-side to this storage method, however, is two things - first, this becomes impractical if you have A LOT of jewelry, and second, it is not the best option for very fine jewelry which needs some tender love and care. 


So what should you do then? Let's talk about option number two -jewelry stored in a drawer. This is great for those who want to keep their accessories nicely organized but out of sight or protected from being knocked or jostled. 

When storing your baubles in a drawer, its important to use some sort of dividing method to keep things from getting tangled and messy. Some casual, cost effective options include using ceramic dishes and small boxes or platters, while more elegant organizers can be purchased with felt linings and perfectly portioned areas. With the right dividers, this would be the best option for those with large amounts of jewelry as you can store grand quantities of accessories nicely and effectively. 

ADC in drawer jewelry.jpg

Here you can see how this felt-lined drawer organizer creates perfect spaces for earrings, rings, and bracelets; protected and easy to find. 

Looking for a more accessible place for your jewelry? Or maybe you just have a small collection of accessories to work with? Perhaps something closer to hand is for you. That brings us to option number three: table top storage. 

Storing jewelry on top of a dresser, shelf, or table could easily become the most creative option available as you can really get innovative with different types of containers/ displays. Make your jewelry storage part of your decor with decorative dishes/ boxes and bracelet displays. 

ADC tabletop jewelry.jpg

You can see how a fashionable bracelet holder is used here as a stylish decoration for this closet shelf.

Create different looks -from shabby chic to elegant and refined. Don't be afraid to think out of the box (literally!) to find the perfect solution for you.

In the end, your jewelry storage could utilize one or all of these ideas; it really comes down to what works best for you. Just remember: Don't forget to think creatively! 

Come back next week to discuss office storage! 


* All images by Aaron Bailey Photography

Bigger Doesn't Have To Be Better - Making a Small Bedroom Closet Functional and Beautiful

organized closet.jpg

Oftentimes I think we all resign ourselves to accept the cluttered, disorganized, and overstuffed look of our closets, especially in small spaces. I mean, there isn’t much to be done for a small closet, right? Not Quite. Whether you have a cramped walk-in or even a reach-in closet, these helpful tips and tricks can help not only maximize functionality, but create a beautifully organized space you can be proud of!

A first thing first, there is always more space than you think. Don’t forget you can extend all the way to the sides and to the ceiling; every inch counts! Adding shelves or clothing rods into recessed closet sides can really maximize your side spaces while extending drawers and shelves to the ceiling of your closet adds organization as well as space. Drawers are great for hiding away a good majority of clothes and small items, helping create an organized and clean look. 

closet hanng side.jpg

By moving and stacking short hanging to the sides of the closet, there is much more room for functional storage in the middle such as shelves and drawers.

Hint: Clothes take up much less room folded than when hanging.  

An important thing to keep in mind is that you can always fake having more space in your closet by keeping the floor clear and clutter free. Having a clean, bare closet floor will create the illusion of more space; sometimes less is more! 

Another great thing to remember is that hooks can be your best friend for all those small, pesky items that always seem to clutter around your closet. Keep belts, ties, and other accessories along the outside of a shelf, wall, or even on the door for great, easy to get to storage. Because items like these can hang flat, allowing them to store against a flat surface is the best way to free up more space in your small closet.  

If visibly hanging accessories really isn't for you, maybe baskets and boxes are your thing. They are perfect for storing things out of sight and can even be used to add style to your closet.  Using patterned or colored baskets and boxes can add a pop of color, allowing you to create a unique and beautiful look just for you. The possibilities are really endless on what kind look you can make. 

dark boxes.jpg

Here, the use of darker baskets helps create a more masculine look while providing a great space to hide smaller items. 

drawer dividers.jpg




Organization within the closet can even extend inside the drawers. Using dividers or spacers to separate things such as socks and undies will not only make it easier to find your stuff, but ensure that your closet stays beautifully organized inside and out. 

shirt dividers.jpeg





Tip: Use cedar dividers in drawers for a great smell and protective barrier against wool-loving bugs. 



All in all, even a small closet can be a beautiful, well organized space if you keep your mind open and remember you can make the most out of any space with just a few handy tricks and ideas! 

Stay tuned-in for next week's topic!